New Funding from the ASHFoundation!

We are thrilled to announce that research in our lab is now supported by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. Dr. King received the prestigious New Century Scholars Research Award for the project titled “Bilingual Codeswitching Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication”. This project will be a first step toward understanding factors that contribute to children’s ability toContinue reading “New Funding from the ASHFoundation!”

CALM Lab at ASHA 2021

The CALM lab is presenting three virtual posters at ASHA Convention 2021! We’ll be sharing the results of our national survey of SLPs who provide AAC services to emergent bilinguals who use AAC and our work investigating parent code-switching in speech to toddlers with and without language impairments. Come join our virtual Q&A sessions onContinue reading “CALM Lab at ASHA 2021”

Recent publications from our lab!

Two recent studies investigating issues surrounding bilingual language develop in children with language impairments. King, M., Larson, A., & Buzhardt, J. (2021). Exploring the classification accuracy of the Early Communication Indicator (ECI) with dual-language learners from Latinx backgrounds. Assessment for Effective Intervention. Advance online publication. %5BGet free copy here]. King, M.,┬áLim, N., & Romski, M. (2021). LanguageContinue reading “Recent publications from our lab!”

Participate in Our Bilingual AAC Survey!

We have an exciting opportunity to participate in a survey regarding bilingual children who use AAC.┬áSince there has been almost no research in bilingual AAC to date, the goal of our survey is to understand SLP’s perspectives, practices and confidence in providing services to this population. This project is a collaboration between the CALM LabContinue reading “Participate in Our Bilingual AAC Survey!”

Check out our recent publication in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Journal

King, M., Romski, M.A., & Sevcik R.A. (2020). Growing up with AAC in the digital age: A longitudinal profile of communication across contexts from toddler to teen. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 36(2), 128 – 141. Abstract: Smart technology (e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, tablets) and the age of information have transformed our society and changed theContinue reading “Check out our recent publication in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Journal”