Check out our recent publication in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Journal

King, M., Romski, M.A., & Sevcik R.A. (2020). Growing up with AAC in the digital age: A longitudinal profile of communication across contexts from toddler to teen. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 36(2), 128 – 141.

Abstract: Smart technology (e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, tablets) and the age of information have transformed our society and changed the lives of individuals who rely on assistive technology. This study provides a detailed description of an adolescent growing up in the digital age using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). It documents the participant’s development across language, cognitive, and social domains from ages 2- to 15-years-old, and explores how changes in AAC technology and contextual factors contributed to broad-based outcomes associated with AAC use. In general, results from standardized assessments show growth or stability across domains from ages 2–15. Data from a parent interview provides a narrative description of AAC device use, AAC interventions, and school and family environments. Despite communicative challenges, the participant leveraged advances in AAC technology to develop communicative competence and creatively used his smart devices and the Internet to interact with friends both online and in person.

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